#Adulting: Why I Moved To The Beach

Photo courtesty of     Martha Ignacio

Photo courtesty of Martha Ignacio

A few months ago I decided to leave everything behind — the city I grew up in, the family always cared for me, and the friends that became home. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone through this stage, of wanting to leave the city behind to find a place where I could call home on my own. A couple of weeks ago, I finally did just that. I moved out of the city, and into the province where I could live by the beach. And even though this has been something I’ve longed for most of my life, I was still scared shitless.

I traveled a lot growing up, and as I aged even more, I felt more of a calling to explore more, on my own. But I had never truly lived somewhere outside of Manila. I never truly lived without the help of friends and family. Moving out meant more than living elsewhere, though. Moving out meant leaving behind so many things I had built over 27 years. And I shit you not, it was f*cking scary. It was time to push myself to adult on another level. 

I knew myself well enough to know that the only way I could better myself is by letting myself actually do it. So yeah, my first day here I already fell and wounded my knees. I got insect bites both mosquitoes and ants all over. I have the worst feet cause I’m alsways walking barefoot on the road or on rocks, or the reef. I always have to push my single-speed bicycle up a steep hill before I can get to the highway that connects me to the town. Worst of all, I’ve been feeling homesick.

Now I have to do a bunch of chores like laundry and cleaning. I need to pay rent. I need to cook and feed myself instead of accidentally doing some intermittent fasting because I forget to eat. I need to do all of this while working an 8-6 job, a part time job, finding the time to surf and exercise, too. Oh, and saving money. And trying to find a business option. I hope I can do all of it, but I won’t know until I try. 

It’s a struggle to live out here coming from the comforts nad luxuries of the city. People always dream of a life like this, just like I have, but it’s not as easy as we all think. This time it’s not a vacation. Of course, we have different luxuries out here too: sunrises, sunsets, fresh air, lots of trees. And of course, the sea. We’re an hour away from the mountains if we wanna watch a movie or go on a hike. It’s quite amazing in La Union.

I came out here so that I could live a more peaceful life to myself and building my life in a better way. I got myself out here to better practice habits like eating healthier, putting in exercise on a daily basis. Living a more sustainable life, too. I’ve always been independent but I’ve never done adulted this hard in my life so far.

I’m lucky to have a community of people around me who are always so supportive and caring. To have friends here that know what it feels like to move out of Manila. Who share a love for food, sunsets, and surfing. I get to learn a lot here too, from many different people: locals, settlers, tourists, and travelers alike. We have our daily routines but somehow everyday always feels like a new day, and you just can’t help but smile with gratitude because of what you have around you.

People always come up to me and tell me that I’m lucky to be living this dream life, an aspiration that everyone thinks they could only dream of. But the thing is, I’m not lucky. I made sacrifices to make my life the way that it is. I’ve grown to adapt that I’d still be okay and find a way, regardless of what’s thrown at me. Because only you get to design your life the way you want it to. 

It’s a damn struggle, but you need to do things to push yourself. It’s time to let go of everything that was and just live life life you’re surfing: let the past combust, focus on the moment, and look towards your future. Are you gonna let yourself wipe out or are you gonna ride that wave?

Words by Martha Ignacio


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