10 Advices You Usually Get From Your 30/30-something year old Friends

Photo: Courtesy of  Liz Dumdum

Photo: Courtesy of Liz Dumdum

I’m 22 years old and more often than not I hang out with people who are much older than I am. Some people may find it weird (they think I’m weird) but I think it’s all preferential. I prefer to hang out with people who have been through 10 or so years of experiences that I still may or may not have to go through in my life.

I love hearing their stories and seeing the look they get in their eyes when they start reminiscing about something in particular. It’s like hearing a war story and their eyes glisten as they tell the tale of how they made it out and “survived”. Of course there’s the occasional “I’ve been through a lot of bad things in my life” story, which kills that good vibe but I realized that later, those stories are the most essential and useful ones. You learn a thing or two more from those talks, and they help in your own personal “survival”.

What I love most about hanging out with 30/30-something year olds is that they LISTEN and they HEAR you. I think it’s something that comes of age. Younger people, especially the current generation, tend to go by the “in one ear and out the other” idiom more often than not and I can’t blame them! There are too many things happening around them (too many gadgets, too much drama, too much unnecessary bull to attend to, too much talk to talk, etc.) and all too fast. And nowadays, person willing to listen and hear you is hard to come by.

The thing, though, with expressing yourself to a 30/30-something year old who listens and hears you is that in the end WITHOUT FAIL, comes the “big advice”.  I’ve collated below a list of these “big advices” that 20/20-something year old people usually get from their 30/30-year old friends:

1. Slow down, take your time. You have all the time in the world.


2. Learn from my mistakes.


3. Don’t be too open about your personal life on the Internet.


4. Don’t limit yourself to the circle that you’re currently in. Meet as many people as you can.


5. Start being healthy now, get into a routine, get fit so all you need to do is maintain it because once you get older it’s going to be difficult to start at all.


6. Don’t smoke tobacco. If you do, try to stop now and actually do it. Later, that won’t be an option and then you die.


7. Your worth is not based on the number of “friends” that you have. Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


8. Every single day is a new adventure. Don’t forget it – not even when you don’t believe it.


9. There’s no such thing as “the right one” but don’t settle for less than the closest to that.

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10. Life starts at 30. Hopefully by then you’re out of your comfort zone and ready for real life. But steady does it – you’re doing fine at the moment.


Words by Cola Paclibar (Written in late 2015)

IG: @colapaclibar

Cola Paclibar