My experience with the workshops was astonishing and enlightening, thanks to the wonderful efforts of the GVOM team. Not only did I have the best time, they also made me feel like family.
— Abee, City University HK student on GVOM workshops

Absolutely amazing energy. Fun, engaging and interactive way to our better, positive selves!
— Kitty, Jarre Technologies business development manager on LIVE Workshop

Sometimes it’s all about giving in and letting go - these workshops will help you realize this.
— Toni, Pololi Regional Marketing on LIVE workshop

A very refreshing and awakening experience. Time well spent with like-minded people
— Cherry, Room To Read Development Associate on LIVE workshop

I loved all three of the “Live. Love. Laugh” workshops by Cola. There was heart-to-heart connection and lots of laughter, and there were some tears too, as Cola skillfully and compassionately led us in some gentle yet also challenging solo, pairs and group processes. I left with some useful practices for my daily life.

You guys are amazing, so organized. Sometimes in the fashion industry it’s hard because the teams aren’t that efficient but you guys are so on top of things.
— Sophia Wakabayashi, AsiaNTM Cycle 1 on event production

You guys are great; it really makes it easier for a model when the team in charge can be organized.
— Kate, Elegance Model HK on event production

What I liked best was the instructor’s ability to give alternate ways of doing a task, very clear presentation, well structured and easy to understand.
— Kim, Caritas College of Careers on LIVE Workshop